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Sukosan is the municipal center, which is situated in Zadar County. Sukosan is located between three national parks (Krka, Kornati and Paklenica) and three nature parks (Velebit, Plitvice Lakes and Vrana Lake). Population Sukosan places (there are about 2,900) is engaged in agriculture (olive and wine growing) and tourism, which is the basic industry of this town. Sukosan traffic is extremely well connected with many tourist destinations and regional centers in Croatia (near the highway, two airport and ferry port). Sukosan place has an extremely well-indented coast with numerous bays, which are very attractive beach. One of the better known by his atraktivnošću the bay Golden ports. It is important to emphasize a very good combination of pristine nature and novoizgrađenih objects, that are not in collision with one another. Sukošan tourism knocked on doors in the beginning of the twentieth century (it is mentioned that among the first guests were Czechs and Slovaks). Later comes to masovnijeg the arrival of tourists. Sukosan has its historical monuments: the Church of Sv. Martin from the 14th century, the Church of Our Lady of Mercy from the 17th century, the Church of Sv. Kasijan from 13th century, Archbishop's mansion from the 15th century, and the upper door from the 15th century. Each week, held festivals at which dominates the rich gastronomic offer (fish specialties, shells, crabs, cheese and ham inevitably domestic wine), which always follows a good dalmatinska song with the sounds of guitars and mandolins that create iuzetan mood and with the locals and all those visiting Sukosan. Guests who want an active vacation with the opportunity to cycle on specially marked bicycle paths, one of which is located along Lake Vrana, a debt is approximately forty kilometers. In addition to Sukošan are constructed and boccia tracks, playgrounds for basketball and indoor soccer and volleyball. Rafting on Zrmanja is an exceptional experience to enjoy the many attractions tourists want. Hikers will spend their time enjoying the hiking on the nearby Velebit. Sukosan offers an extremely large number of apartments in private accommodation, and this is another reason to incorporate it into your destination.